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Congratulations and a warm welcome to you if you are thinking about being married at St Margaret’s. We will do our best to make your wedding day memorable for you, your family and your friends. This will be a very exciting time for both of you with many things to think about and plan. However, it is sensible to start with location and date so your first question is likely to be:

Can we get married at St Margaret’s? 

The Rector has a legal duty to be satisfied that you can lawfully marry in the parish before any arrangements can be fixed. To make this process as quick and simple as possible, it is best to telephone the Church Office on 01903 784459. There are three questions about you as a couple that will need to be clarified:

• Whether you are so closely related to each other that the law does not permit you to marry. You will need to certify that this is not the case.

• Whether either of you is not a UK National. Special issues arise in this situation and these need to be considered before further progress can be made.

• Whether either of you is qualified to be married at St Margaret’s. Qualification comes by virtue either of being a resident in the parish; or of being on the church electoral roll; or of having close family links with the parish.

To make an initial enquiry,please can you complete this form:- Wedding Booking

The Church of England has a dedicated website designed to help you with planning your wedding which you might find helpful: Your Church Wedding