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Women and God

Fernanda Curtis
19 August 2021 15:32


Title: Women and God - Hard questions, beautiful truth by Kathleen Nielson

Pub Good Book Company  ISBN: 978-1-784982-79-9

I first came across Kathleen Nielson when I was watching a video of a conference for Women online. I heard her speak on the theme of The Word and Women’s Ministry. She was excellent and when talking to a friend about her talk she recommended her book to me.

I must begin by saying that this is not the kind of book you want to read whilst taking your son or daughter to football/rugby practice or swimming. You need to have your Bible open, paper and pencil ready.

The book is divided into 11 chapters. Kathleen starts her book by giving us a clear picture of the beginning, the creation of both man and woman in the image of God and how both men and women have the same value before our Creator. She talks about the roles given to both men and women in the garden and how these roles are good.

The following chapters talk about the fall, how women are viewed and the darkest places of the law. Those places where we feel extremely uncomfortable reading how women were threated and wonder how a good God could allow that. Kathleen very skilfully points to the fact that “The Bible’s message is worse than we like to think in regard to our sin; but it is much better that we dream in regard to our hope” (page 63) She points us to the fact that only God is good, and God is only good – never evil.

She devotes a chapter to talk about strong women. Judges chapter 4 and 5 and if you know your Bible characters well you will know that Deborah was a woman God used in this book to bring about his plan. Deborah was communicating to the Israelites what God had commanded. This is a story of a woman who was strong, wise, intelligent but most of all submissive to her God. Such amazing story that is ultimately about our God.

The other themes considered in the book are sex, women’s bodies, women in the church and the goodness of God. All the themes above are explored zooming into the person of Christ and putting Him in the centre. The questions presented in the book are difficult and every time the answers are presented with biblical backing and with care, grace and sensitivity.

I am glad I read this book and it has helped me see that it is good to trust a God that has a purpose for both men and women and that we can be confident when we submit to Him knowing that his purpose is always for our good. God created us men and women to bear His image and to serve Him, worship Him and bring glory to His name.

I loved one of the endorsements from Juan Sanchez, Senior Pastor, High Pointe Baptist Church, Austin, Texas. He said “It is with great joy that I recommend Women and God. What I like most about this book is not that it is written by a woman for women but that it is written by a faithful Bible-teacher who happens to be a woman. Kathleen answers the hard questions the Bible raises in relation to women by showing us the beauty of the truths of Scripture and the glory of our Savior, Jesus.”

And here is another one from Carrie Sandom, Director or Women’s Ministry, The Proclamation Trust, London. She says: “I loved this book! Women and God is more than just an overview of the roles of women in the family and the church. It tackles all the usual texts as well as the more shocking and perplexing ones that other people sometimes avoid. Kathleen anticipates all the questions and objections that people have, and then answers them from the text with wisdom, clarity, and sensitivity. What makes this book so compelling is her conviction that God is good, and that women can have confidence that living by his word is a beautiful thing and for our good.”

Happy reading!

By Fernanda Curtis

Fernanda has been a member St Margaret’s Church Angmering for the past 11 years and she serves in the Women Together Team and music ministries. She served in the young people’s ministries until July 2021. She is married to Dan and they have 2 teenage children.