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Ever thought Jonah was a story just about a whale? Think again...

Over the next few weeks we’ll be taking five minutes a day to go through the epic story of Jonah, learning that God gives many chances, is loving and kind and yes is God of whales too!

Questions for those wanting to dig into the series more are available below. Enjoy! (if you want to get in touch with Matt Porter about anything related to Jonah he'd love to hear from you - email

Bert and Lucy in Lockdown

Final Sunday - Jonah and Jesus

Day Eighteen - Saturday 13th

Day Seventeen - Friday 12th

Day Sixteen - Thursday 11th

Day Fifteen - Wednesday 10th

Day Fourteen - Tuesday 9th

Day Thirteen - Monday 8th

2nd Sunday Review

Day Twelve - Saturday 6th

Day Eleven - Friday 5th

Day Ten - Thursday 4th

Day Nine - Wednesday 3rd


Day Eight - Tuesday 2nd


 Day Seven - Monday 1st

1st Sunday Review

Day Six - Saturday 30th 



Day Five - Friday 29th 

Day Four - Thursday 28th

Day Three - Wednesday 27th

Day Two - Tuesday 26th

Day One - Monday 25th