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Be reassured

Psalm 121 is probably one of a group of Psalms that were sung by pilgrims, whilst they were travelling to Jerusalem for one of the 3 annual festivals.

Living in an area where we can see hills – even though the hills are called the South Downs and the East Downs – there is beauty around us, if one can just stop in our busy lives, and take the time to view. The beauties of a hill are numerous – and yet ever changing – but yet are strong and firm. Hills can stand out from miles away and can be viewed from far and near.

When one is travelling home from being away, they are landmarks and pointers, and yet there is such beauty with the rolling land. The South Downs were not meant to be cultivated and farmed with heavy machinery, as the soil is quite poor, but the animals are happy grazing on the pastures.

When one has walked up a hill on a well-trodden path, created by fellow humans or by animals, the view is still there but different each time – but still one must be careful and be assured that our feet are secure on that pathway. The views are amazing and ever-changing - which can be 360 degrees radius, but one can be alone in one's thoughts. The peace is something to be longed for, and the beauty is there when one can stop and stare and take time to be aware of it. Sometimes the hills are shrouded in mist, but they are still there – and we can look up. Let us take time to look and enjoy nature around us.

The hills were created by God and are pointers, visual aids, for us to look up and see that He is there, to help in many small everyday happenings as well as larger situations – but we have to take the action of looking UP not down – as we take steps along a path it can be slippery muddy and steep but in  our  lives  the Lord will be with us  every day and every step – the Lord is with us although we are so often unaware of His presence He is there to support and guide us. What a lovely thought that the Lord does watch over us even though the path may be rough, uneven and steep at times, but look up, the Lord is our helper.

The Lord promises and provides so much for us to enjoy, but it is up to us to take time, and to stop, and look up, He is the maker of Heaven and Earth.

Life’s situations change and we can be windswept but the Lord watches over us and He will keep us from all harm and watch over us, it is sometimes difficult to realise and be reassured but He will be, and is watching over our lives, repeated again in v7; the Lord is with us in the happy times and the sad times in our lives and times when we are under pressure, with difficulties with work and family problems, but look up to the Hills and be encouraged.

It is good to have visual aids to remind us about the Lord, and that we can look and be assured of His love and care and protection.

I will look towards the hills and be reminded that my help comes from the Lord. He is there to help and guide.

By Margaret Hobden

Margaret and Richard, (her husband for over 47 years) have worshiped at St Margaret’s Church Angmering for over 33 years. Together they run a Home-group who meet for Bible Study Prayers Fellowship and fun.



Photo by Jens Holm on Unsplash