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Journeying with Jesus

Lent is a season when we encouraged to think carefully about that journey Jesus was willing to take from Heaven to earth, and ultimately to the Cross.
This year, we are going to provide a resource each day to help you journey with Jesus.

We are going to look at a short passage from Luke’s gospel each day (apart from Sundays and Wednesdays) that describes that final leg of Jesus journey.
There will be a reading, a short reflection and then a prayer, available from 7am each morning.

Jesus journey is one we can benefit from, as we see all that he did for us, and realise that he calls us to join him in the rocky road that goes through suffering to glory.

8. Luke 19:11-27 The Parable of the Ten Minas'

(Available from 7am 27th)


Luke 19:1-10 'Zacchaeus the Tax Collector'


6. Luke 18:35-43 'A blind beggar receives his sight'


5. Luke 18:31-34 'Jesus speaks about his death a third time'


4. Luke 18:18-30 'The Rich Ruler'


If you need to catch up with any of the videos from the first five days, head to the church YouTube Channel and search for 'Journeying with Jesus'.