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First Band First Song – The Beginnings of David Bowie

The Konrads – Bowie's First Band

Rev. Alan Dodds has an amazing story to tell. He started David Bowie’s first band, The Konrads, and wrote Bowie’s first recorded song in 1963, the tape of which recently sold at auction for £40,000!

The Evening

Alan will share his experience through the performance of rock ’n’ roll covers, photos of Bowie and the band, stories, inside information  and a Q&A session. As part of the emerging UK music scene in the early 60s, he was influenced by jazz, blues and skiffle; he will bring this era to life explaining key developments that changed the course of musical history. He’ll share the tale of a blind date in ’64 that changed his life, led him to his Christian faith, and eventually to the vicarage. Be prepared to laugh, cry, and reminisce.

For more see this article in the Daily Telegraph

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